The Tragedy Of The Survivor

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Not many people think of death as something that can be survived. After all, death is an inescapable aspect of life for all things on Earth. There are, however, instances where death stares one in the face and is repelled at the last moment. Whether this avoidance is right or wrong, the outcome will have the same, everlasting effect. The survivor will forever carry that moment with them, haunted by the injustice done to them. Robbed of the serenity that death may bring from bleak scenarios, life becomes devoid of the vibrancy it once possessed. The survivor becomes a ghost with a physical form, walking with the burdens of their past resting on their minds. Analyzing the events that these people encountered with this mindset can foster a greater sense of empathy toward the survivors.
The concept of human mortality is a daunting notion that everyone has to come to terms with eventually. This idea that the life people lead will ultimately conclude can be accepted, and is made easier with time to digest this thought. This process though, can be taken and twisted into something that is toxic to the mind. When someone is faced with the certainty of death and they have come to grips with the fact that it is inescapable, it is a form of torture to take this certainty away. What this action does is invalidate the sense of reality that has been accepted by the victim. It takes away the feeling of euphoria that comes with the acceptance of death, the release from life’s constraints.

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