The Tragedy of Sexual Molestation of a Child Essay

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Imagine yourself as a child. More specifically, a young boy. Life as a child seems simple enough. While you are young you have care givers who try to make sure that everything is done for you. But there is still the matter of growing up. When you are young, adults cherish your innocence. Everyone just wants to protect you from the dangers of the world. You are a symbol of hope, with the whole world ahead of you. What if the innocence that all of your loved ones cherish, no longer exists? All the “cute” “corky” things you did was just acting, in a feeble attempt to bring back the child you once were. Something so precious was taken from you, and all you can think of doing is blaming yourself. The guilt consumes you the more you …show more content…

Even with all these numbers and many more within the other resources of information, there is still a lot unknown due to how difficult this issue is to keep tabs on. Most of these victims feel as though it is their fault that they are assaulted, which is a good part of the reason they never tell about the incident. The embarrassment itself is enough to drown an individual. Sex itself does make the difference in the reporting of these incidents. The child is affected not matter the sex, though unfortunately women have a great chance of not being reported by young boys because in a way it is not seen as wrong. When a young boy is taken advantage of by another male, it has a different result on their psych. The boy feels weak, stripped of the manhood they never had the chance to come into. You feel like a failure, constant thoughts of never being good enough for anything fly through your mind. You question your own sexuality from time to time, in a world where it is best that you know what it is you like. You know from experience that you are not gay, nor do you find a problem with anyone who does, but at times you peg yourself as homosexual because of that incident. You do not want to tell the ones you love out of fear of them looking at you different. You already look down on yourself, and the last thing you need is for the ones you care about to do the same. Your siblings

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