The Tragedy of the Armenians Genocide Essay examples

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“A genocide is a form of one-sided mass killing in which a state or other authority intends to destroy a group, as that group and membership in it are defined by the perpetrator”. (Frank Chalk and Kurt Jonassohn, 2005). It is an inhumane thought that a particular group should be extinct because of the perpetrators outlook of that society. Learning about Adolf Hitler and the tragedy of the Holocaust, was a changing point to many, of how ones society could be exterminated because of one’s hair and eye color, sexual preference, religious affiliation, the perpetrators mood that day. Adolf was a wicked, selfish man, which only had a specific rule on how the world should be. Hitler believed that humanity evolved above the point where nature …show more content…

They claim that the Armenians were taken for protection from the war that was going to happen. The Leaders of the murders were found guilty. This genocide is highly controversial because not too many of people admit to what happened. To this present day, it is against the law in Turkey to talk about the events that happened in the Armenian Genocide. One of the worst cases of a Genocide ever reported by man, was the Cambodian Genocide. A party leader of the, Khmer Rouge, commonly known as “Pol Pot”, became in charge of running and making laws of Cambodia, killed over 2 million of Cambodia’s total population. Pol Pot wanted to create the ideal communist model, and was seeking to create just that. The Khmer Rouge believed that all Cambodians should be slave workers of collective farms. Anyone that did not follow by this rule was executed. This rule was not limited to Muslims, Christians, Intellectuals, educated people, and religious enthusiasts. The Khmer Rouge were not very trusting. They frequently spied and interrogated members of their group to make sure they were on the right side. Millions were forced to work without medical supply and/or food. Sadly all these lives were lost because no one had the power or strength to stop it from happening.
Without a doubt, any form of genocide is an inhumane course of action, done or by permission of, irrational, single-minded, egotistical, individuals. The

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