The Training Of An Army Basic Training Failure

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Growing up the daughter of an Army Basic Training failure was an embarrassment for quite some time. My father went to Basic Training straight out of high school, came back shortly after leaving. He was discharged for injuries of his knees; he was weak. One would not assume a child of someone who failed Basic Training would be eager to go, however, I knew it was my time when I received a call from a recruiter asking me to come in. It was my chance to show my dad who I am without him, as well as fight for my country. I conquered Basic Training the summer in between the end of my junior, and the start of my senior year, at the age of seventeen. Even with the extra motivation, Basic Training was no easy task. There are four steps to Basic Training: two flights, reception, training, and graduation. May 31st, the day my family and I had been waiting for, ship day. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. to fly to Missouri. I left with two other people: Boone and Hiple. Boone was 18, he had graduated from high school two weeks prior to shipping out for Basic Training. He would go straight through Basic and onto Advanced Individual Training (AIT); while both Hiple and I will go through Basic. Then next year, to continue our journey in the U.S. Army, the two of us, accompanied by others, will leave for AIT. That morning a recruiter dropped us off at the airport, our families came back with us through security and waited with us for our flight. I was of course stopped through security,
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