The Transformation Of A Violent Criminal

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There is a common assumption that criminals who have been convicted of heinous crimes are unable to turn away from their wicked ways.From this perspective, violent criminals are violent by nature; they cannot or do not want to perceive their actions to be immoral. This assumption might also suggest that human beings do not choose to be violent but are born violent. However, it is evident that once one realizes the horrid crime they have committed, they will change a new leaf and a new perspective. In this essay, I will argue that there are specific techniques of re-socialization that cause the transformation of a violent criminal to a law-abiding citizen. The transformation is not straightforward; there will be uncertainties and animpasse, however an individual’s criminal act does not changetheir human genealogy. One reason why re-socialization causes a change within a violent criminal is because it uncovers the underlying trigger why individuals commit crimes. Re-socialization is the process of gaining a new perspective through the understanding of crimes; realizing the reasoning behind an inmates’ action. For example, the 2011 documentary film The Interrupters (dir. by Steve James), follows a team of former inmates and professors called Violence Interrupters; in a violent and heartening setting of Chicago’s Southside, Englewood. Although, the inhabitants of Englewood are portrayed as products of a crime-driven environment; the documentary nevertheless highlights the
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