The Transformation Of Hebrews During Ancient Jewish

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The Transformation of Hebrews during Ancient Jewish Throughout modern history, Judaism has been recognized as one of the most influential religions in Western Civilization. However, to reach the complexity and structure that Judaism has today, the Hebrews had to endure several periods and turning points in history. During the 1500 years after 1200 BCE, “numerous vast empires rose and fall around and over them (Hebrews)”, as they made their transformation into Jews (Pavlac, 45). During these phases, known as the Patriarchy Phase, the Monarchy Phase, and Exile and Diaspore, many new beliefs and practices became incorporated into the foundation of Jewish religion, such as the idea of a monotheistic religion, the introduction of prophets, and the usage of scriptures and rabbi. The Patriarchy Phase was the first and most influence period for Judaism. According to Jewish history, around 1200 BCE Jacob and his twelve sons were led out of captivity in Egypt by Joshua. Jacob and his sons then settled in the land of Canaan and formed the twelve tribes of Israel. This event in Jewish history is known as the Exodus and is noted to be the beginning of the rise of Judaism. What made Judaism so unique compared to other religions during this time period was its core belief of monotheism meaning that there is only one divine being known as God. Another core belief of Judaism assimilated during this time was the covenant. The covenant was a treaty between God and the Jewish people,

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