Ancient Artifacts Of The Great Things That Is Known About Darius

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One of the great things that is known about Darius is his understanding the importance of religions within his empire. During his stay in Egypt, Darius gave tributes to the Egyptian gods and dedicated many temples to some of them. Ancient artifacts show that there were sacrifices made to several deities of different cultures. He supported faiths and religions of his empire as long as the believers were submissive and peaceful. It was established during Darius’ reign that the king was a believer in Ahura Mazda, the god of Zoroastrianism. He believed that Ahura Mazda had given him the “divine right” to rule Persia because he had lived righteously by Asha.
When Darius was expressing religious tolerance, a great example that he expressed it to was the citizens in the occupation of Jerusalem. His predecessor, Cyrus, had promised the Jews that they could rebuild the temple of their God. When the Jews asked Darius whether or not they should continue the rebuilding of the temple, he allowed the construction of the sanctuary and also funded the process himself. Probably, Darius had recognized in the God of the Jews his own supreme god Ahura Mazda. The instructions to rebuild the temple is mentioned in the Book of Ezra. Before the discovery of the Testimonies concealed in Iran itself, the history of the Achaemenid empire was not only told by the Greek tradition, but also substantially laid down through the texts of the Old Testament, and above all by the books of (Deutero-) Isaiah,…
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