The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Essay

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The Transportation Security Administration, more commonly known as TSA, is a part of the United States Department of homeland Security that supervises and manages the safety of travelers in the United States. Unlike other government operated tasks forces such as the military or FBI whose as been in existence since (), the TSA was only recently founded twelve years ago in 2001 after the devastating terroristic attack that took place in New York city’s twin towers earlier that year. There are more than forty eight thousand people employed by the TSA in airports, bus stations, railroads and freeways across every state, but you may never realize when they are nearby. Some have the typical security duties of checking bags, using different …show more content…

Most employees were only required to show their I.Ds to surpass security in and around the building. Sharp objects like razors, scissors or tools weren’t seen as a threat. Even guns were allowed if you had the proper licensing and protective case to place it in. A common scenario at airports and train stations consisted of families and friends waving goodbye or welcoming tem with open arms as a loved one came home or set off on a new chapter of their life. Times have definitely changed, and for good reason. A majority of people are familiar with the world news that occurred on September 11, 2001 when two airplanes flew into the Twin Towers of New York, a massive terroristic attack that killed thousands of people in a matter of minutes. At the time of tis tragedy, there were many reports saying passengers on the crashing planes were in a hostile situation before the crash. Men from another country were aboard the plan with knives and took control of the pilot, freighted the passengers and ultimately crashed the planes in an orchestrated manner. These events caused a blood chilling wave across America and pushed the Bush Administration to take action in avoidance of tis ever happening again, this brought on the foundation of what we now know as the TSA in December of 2001, merely three months after the incident. President W. Bush was in office at the time and honorably placed John William Macaw as the Undersecretary of Transportation

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