The Trauma Of Slavery 's Beloved

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The Trauma of Slavery in Beloved As opinions on slavery differed in both the North and South in the 1800’s, plantation owners in the South defended their rights to human ownership. Many slaves continued to contend with the unpredictable emotions by their owners which were responsible for the physical and emotional everyday traumatic events that shaped their lives. In Toni Morrison’s Beloved she shares the trying times of slave families who suffered greatly from slavery. Trauma caused suffering for many generations not just the ones who endured that slave life. The slaves and their families suffered from living without a mother’s love, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. Many children were born into slavery. Knowing your father was usually impossible because of the situations a mother had to endure with many different men. A mother’s love was short lived and many children never got a chance to feel it. Some slave mothers kept their infants for a short period of time and others longer as long as they could look after them without interference with their work. Some mothers got the chance to take their children tied to their backs to the fields and some even made simple rope toys tied to a tree to help entertain their children nearby. Many times once the mother was well enough to return to work usually around a month; infants were sent to be cared for by another woman or older siblings. Taking a child early from its mother was thought as a way to

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