Slavery : African American Families

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During the mid-1800s, it was challenging being a slave. Belonging to another human being instead of being free brought numerous hardships African Americans had to endure. It brought about unimaginable pain, frustration, disruption, and stress. In America, slavery was glorified, even though, families were separated and destroyed. Slavery made it tedious to have stability in families because of the effects it had on the African American people. After reading “How Affected African American Families” and “Narrative of Jenny Proctor,” slavery caused African American families to cope with separation, unfair marriage stipulations, horrible living condition, mistreatment and labor, and also the ending of slavery. Living with the perpetual possibility of being separated from family was stressful and overwhelming. Slaves were sold to other plantation owners for various reasons. It could be to clear debt or because the former owners died or moved away. Slave owners did not care about separating families no matter how much the mother would beg and plead for her children or children crying because their mother is sold. This made it challenging for families to be stable because they could be separated at any moment. Although it was difficult for slaves to cope with the separation, some lived in nuclear families where the father would belong to one plantation and his family would belong to another, but the father would only have the chance to see his family on Wednesday nights and

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