The Treatment Of Cardiac Transplant Surgery

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Cardiac transplant is a surgical procedure to replace the patient’s diseased heart and replace it with a healthy heart from a cadaver or lifeless donor. Most of the end-stage heart failure patients are undergoing these heart transplant surgery. Cardiac transplant surgery is performed in critical situation to save the life of the human being who diagnosed as end – stage heart failure. (NHLBI,2012). A Patient diagnosed with congenital heart disease needed heart transplant procedure in the mode of palliative care or in the mode of reparative care. The Majority of the children’s are enduring these transplantations from 6months to 6 years. In adolescents, adults commonly 20-40 are going these procedure. Some of the congenital heart disease patients are surviving due to the other surgical interventions and medical management. However, the mass group of people is in necessity of cardiac transplant in out of their childhood. (7th para, Esian & Burch).
In cardiac transplant, the patient’s survival rate is enriched after the surgery absolutely in the first year of life. The existence rate is increased up to 88% in the first year, 75% for 5years, and 56% for 10 years. Post-surgery, most of the heart transplant patients are going back to their normal and optimum level of activity. Moreover, less than 30% of patients going back to work for their personal reasons. (NHLBI, 2012). A patient who diagnosed with end-stage heart failure, heart valve and muscle damage, and viral infection of the…

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