The Treatment Of Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

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The treatment of dissociative identity disorder can be very challenging. The purpose of most treatment is the integration of all the personalities into one coherent personality. The process starts by identifying the functions of each personality and then helping each personality confront, develop coping skills, and work through the trauma that led them to this disorder. There have been few studies that have empirical data on the treatment of dissociative identity disorder. One study that was able to produce results was able to integrate the personality of the individuals for 2 years after the treatment. These patients also reported few symptoms of substance abuse or depression and reduce the use of medication. On the other hand, patients who had not achieved full integration or relapsed through treatment continued to express symptoms of dissociative identity disorder and a number of other disorders (Ellason & Ross, 1997). Many therapies, such as psychotherapy, that deals treatment through addressing trauma can be effective because of its integration with the root of dissociative identity disorder.
Dr. Jekyll would benefit from a variety of psychotherapy, also known as “talk therapy.” This type of therapy is where Dr. Jekyll will have the opportunity to speak with a trained therapist in a safe and confidential environment to process his behaviors and develop coping skills to integrate his personalities (NAMI). In reference to the movie, it seems he would greatly benefit from

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