The Treatment Of Men And Women

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Why is there a difference in the treatment of men and women? Why are men and women treated as unequal? If a woman and a man both work for 40 hours a week, the man is more likely to get 15.4% more earnings than the woman. If they both work for 60 hours, the woman earns 21.7% less than the man (“Sexism”). Some men, and even some women, treat women unfairly because today’s society says women belong at home with the kids. There have been several worldwide instances of women being treated like they are incompetent if they conform to their gender roles and incompetent if they do not. Women are expected to only have the desire to produce and care for children. They are not livestock. They are expected to care for their husbands, be a housewife. …show more content…

In “Gender and Double Standards for Competence,” Martha Foschi analyzes gender inequality: her research shows that men and women are unequal in gaining leadership positions. If a man becomes an authoritative figure, he is seen as influential. However, if a woman earns some kind of authority, she will be overbearing and bossy. It can be very difficult for women to achieve higher positions and if she does, her co-workers might think she had been intimate with an employer. In the subject of skill, if a man is better at his job than a woman, it is only natural. However, if the woman is better at her job than a man, the man is just slacking off or not doing his job at all (Foschi 181).
A man and his wife stand in their kitchen, arguing over the prospect of having children. The husband wants children and the wife does not. He screams at her in frustration, “Every woman wants to have children! What’s wrong with you? Did I marry a defective woman?” The husband does not understand that not all women want children or may not be ready for them. Andrew Greeley writes that women are at a new stage in history where they can control their rates of procreation using forms of contraception, such as birth control and/or condoms. They no longer have to give birth if they are not ready, and even might consider abortion or giving the child up for adoption if they have no possible way to take care of it.
A young woman is in her home, thinking about making her favorite

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