Examples Of Gender Equality In The Workplace

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Workplace gender equality
“Women cannot be as effective as men” is often a statement that has been used in defense by those found guilty of undermining women. Yet, women have grown to take up positions of leadership that they were feared to not being able to handle. Women can be just as hard working as men and even surpass when it comes to performance in any given position. Men, on the other hand, have always had the assumption of being naturally gifted at anything they do, sometimes without even trying: that is, however, changing sighting the changes that have been taking place in the world. A paramount example can be seen in politics, with women like Hilary Clinton, running for presidential office. There are ongoing debates, nevertheless, that women almost in all occasions must do something extra in order to achieve same results as would men without breaking a sweat. This can be seen by the appraisal of women in the workplace, which has in line pushed men to be the ones doing an additional entail to achieve given results. A work place should not be run by a specific gender, neither should a given gender be able to say that they perform more or gave more, it should be an environment characterized by equality. This paper purposes to address the question whether gender equality exists at the workplace or not.
Foundation of my thesis is the article, GENDER EQUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE: Moving from Practices to Strategy. The article has been written by three authors namely Towns,

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