The Treatment Of Young Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse

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The treatment of young victims of child sexual abuse can be demanding for the victim, the victim’s family, and the counselor. The trauma associated with the abuse and the time it may take the child to heal can become very overwhelming. There are barriers, such as a lack of family support and lack of disclosure, which may block victims of child sexual abuse from successful treatment. Overcoming these barriers and incorporating multiple methods of treatment can be beneficial for the victim. Specifically, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and relational-cultural play therapy with additional resources have proven effective in including family support and in defeating the fears of victims of child sexual abuse.

McPherson, Scribano, and Stevens (2012) defined child sexual abuse as, “engaging a child in sexual activities that the child cannot comprehend, for which the child is developmentally unprepared and cannot give informed consent” (p. 27). The number of affected women in the United States is about 26% and the number of affected men is 16% (Perez-Fuentas, Olfson, Villegas, Morcillo, Wang, & Blanco, 2013). However, as all crimes go, not every single case has been reported. Whether reported or not, child sexual abuse is a very serious crime that can affect the victims tremendously. Retrieving counseling for these victims of child sexual abuse is substantial in helping the child live a fruitful live post-abuse. Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy as

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