Victims Can Exhibit All Sorts Of Mental And Emotional Reactions

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Victims can exhibit all sorts of mental and emotional reactions to the unwanted violation of assault. Mentally, the most common effects are PTSD, depression, and dissociation, all of which are not remediable overnight and ordinarily require outside help (Effects of Sexual Assault and Rape, 2017). Outside help includes speaking with a psychiatrist. However, the healing process is lengthened unnecessarily because it takes at least a year for 75% of child victims to tell someone what happened (The Assessment Center, 2016). For all ages, this waiting time before attempting to receive help serves the prevention of the healing process, thus prolonging the span of time spent in pain.
At times it is difficult for the victims to heal as the
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One method of raising awareness endorsed by the government, is the radKIDS self defense program. R.A.D. is an acronym that stands for Resisting Aggression Defensively. This is a ten hour program that teaches the children to recognize, avoid, resist, and if needed escape violence. However, the influence of radKIDS is limited severely in Idaho, as there is only one trained instructor. Throughout the USA, there are 1,285 trained instructors. On average, 25.7 instructors per state, alas this is nowhere near the actual number of instructors per state. Thirty one states possess below double digits, with several others with well over a hundred instructors (The national leader in children 's safety, 2016).
Emi Flamm, the sole instructor in Idaho, mentioned in a personal interview that much of the responsibility of keeping kids safe is placed on the parents. But the parents cannot maintain constant vigilance indefinitely. The kids participation in radKIDS empowers the children to be able to protect themselves when their parents cannot. Occasionally however, the child’s parents overlook the issue for a number of reasons.
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At times it can be difficult for even the most loving parent to recognize and take protective action for their child. An exceedingly large number of child victims never disclose what occurred to them. A sex offender on average molests 120 victims, many of which are never reported (Child Abuse Statistics,

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