The Treaty Of Versailles In Germany : The Causes Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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A treaty that was designed to end all wars actually ended up setting the stage for the worst one that the world has ever seen. The newly formed German democratic government saw the Versailles Treaty as a “dictated peace” (Diktat). The peace treaty did not ultimately help to settle the international disputes which had initiated World War I; on the contrary, the treaty exposed the underlying issues which had caused the war in the first place. Hitler was able to gain a foothold in German society and government in being able to capitalize on the resentment and frustration that the Treaty instilled in the German people. Hitler willingly became the outlet for the German people through which they could voice their discontent, so much of it at the …show more content…

On the other hand, the treaty created a small army full of monarchist officers, which easily became a state within a state and remained hostile to the democratic republic (which a cumbersome amount of governments didn’t engage with). This contributed to the rise of Hitler by aiding the creation of a power vacuum, trying to fill the army with whatever and whomever they could find, and then supporting Hitler. The small army also left many bitter ex-soldiers unemployed and willing to join what was now warring on the streets. This didn’t just help Hitler and his followers, but in the vast mix of groups, made political violence normal.
Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 by using a strategic form of manipulation against the Germans, and often using things that seemed good to commit bad deeds. The Allies used appeasement in an effort to control Hitler; however, the strategy was deemed ineffective. In return for his demands to be met, Hitler promised the Allies that he would leave the rest of Czechoslovakia alone, and abandon all further ambitions of territorial expansion. When Hitler broke his pledge, took the rest of Czechoslovakia, and invaded Poland in 1939, France and Great Britain declared war. With the majority of Germany perceiving the Treaty of Versailles to be unfair and cruel, Hitler disregarding (and later falling to meet) the terms of

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