The Trend Of Industrial Growth And Business Expansion

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1. Introduction: The trend of industrial growth and business expansion is the by-product of the globalization and increased product demands. However, industrial stability is an ever significant matter for the country’s economic firmness. Most of the industries certainly assist in augmenting the overall gross domestic product of the country. Simms & Trott, (2014) enlighten that there are various factors that impact the industries’ profitability and sustainability that may include the demand and supply, competition and so on. The retail industry of United Kingdom is the growth and profitability driver for the country since it has been operating in the market. Emphasizing on the retail industry of UK, the competition is too high and the market competition impacts by the various environment and behavioural trends of the general public. According to Parliment.UK, (2014) in the year 2012, the wholesale and retail trade provide 16% of monetary productivity and 16% of services and employment chances in the UK. However, the economic downturns and other factors impact the buying power of the people that indirectly impacts the profitability of the industry. According to Parliment.UK, (2014) the customers of retail sector spent approximately £27 billion in UK. The analysis showed that every £1 that has been spending was 47% in groceries provisions, and 46% was in non-food stores in the United Kingdom along with the expenditure of the remainder in other sectors. However, the retail
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