The Trial Of Galileo And The Catholic Church

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In the Trial of Galileo, The Roman Catholic church is the largest christian church in the Western civilization .The moral aspect concerns salvation. The Catholic Church was directed by the Holy Scripture by the Church Fathers, which provided the means of eternal salvation: those don 't renounce the Catholic Church of Catholicism place their souls in peril. Protestantism was an enemy Galileo had encountered but it derives the Catholic Church of converts because it deprives people from the true ideal of salvation amongst early catholic people. But in some situations got difficult for Galileo to handle more than one role played. The Galileo case for many anti catholics, is to be proven that church abhors science, refuse to abandon outdated teachings. The Church was not anti-scientific but it supported scientific endeavors for centuries. The Jesuits were a respected group of astronomers and scientist in Rome during Galileo 's time. Individuals and church officials and from the church, were many notable scientist who received fundings. During this time period Church funding from many scientific advances were contributed by clerics. Therefore if Galileo had not been prosecuted with the political controversy of the Catholic Church, he would have lived a longer life contributing more towards his theories and inventions as a scientist than his religious obedience.
The Catholic Church teaches the most important that is the one true church founded by Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church

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