The Triangle Fire Was The Turning Point Of The Industrial Revolution

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During the 19th century, industrialization of textiles in Great Britain was rapidly increasing, resulting in a production competition throughout the world. The United States was quick to follow behind Great Britain and began producing different types of linens and garments. New York City, the largest concentration of garment factories, began to increase production by shifting to powered, special-purpose machinery, and factories to maximize the output of manufactured goods. Factories targeted unskilled immigrant girls for cheap labor adding to the productivity and, thus, revenue of the company. This exploitation often led to unsafe work environments and abominable living conditions for the poor and working class. Although the revolution led to a growing middle class, the disparity in wealth continued to grow due to the immeasurable amount of immigrants entering the country and the lack of government workplace interventions. Historically, in the early 1900s, the power of industrialization caused mass immigration of Europeans to the United States which caused American society to profoundly evolve and spurred economic growth. Culturally, the many newcomers affected the prevailing customs and shattered societal traditions. And philosophically, masses of cheap laborers landed in New York in the garment industry, where they united to battle workplace safety, inferior wages, and child labor laws. Consequently, The Triangle Fire was the turning point which catalyzed the country and

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