The Trojan War

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In the beginning of the semester, I believed that I knew most of the history of the Trojan War. I knew that members of the Greek army hid inside of a wooden horse an attacked the Trojans inside of their walls. Before taking this class, I thought the movie Troy was an accurate account of the war. I also had no idea that the Gods had a large role in the Iliad. I was shocked to learn that the majority of the history of the Trojan War involves the Gods. In my opinion, it seems very unbelievable. According to homer, people believed in Zeus, Hades, Apollo, Poseidon, and the other Gods. Something I don’t understand is how people actually believe homers account of the Trojan War. The Iliad had so many parts where the Gods were directly involved the war between the Trojans and the Greeks. Almost none of Homers accounts of the Gods were mentioned in the movie because the history the Trojan War wound sound less believable. The Iliad and the movie Troy have similar content. When I read the Iliad and watched the movie, the movie sounds more believable then the Iliad. Toward the beginning of the Iliad a conversation between Achilles, Tetis and Zeus was not mentioned the movie. Probably because most people would automatically assume that this story doesn’t sound real. Achilles talked to his mother, Tetis, about how Agamemnon took his captive. Achilles asked his mother to ask Zeus if he could make the Trojans win for a little while so the Greeks would realize that the need him. Tetis…

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