The True Cause Of Violent Behaviors

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The True Cause of Violent Behaviors in Today 's Society
There are volumes of media that are starting to harm the world in which we live. They have been linked to fourteen mass murders (Fletcher). Nine out of the top ten selling games have been labeled as violent and 42% of adolescents play them (“Children and Video Games”). These violent video games are a major problem in the United States and across the globe. Violent video games have a direct correlation with negative behaviors because they increase anger and aggression in young people, decrease prosocial behavior, and have unfavorable effects on a teens daily life.
Violent video games increase violent behaviors: anger and aggression in teenagers. Adolescents’ relationships with others …show more content…

If people are viewing the world as a hostile and violent place then they are not able to grow and develop relationships with others in their lives. They are gaining beliefs that their life outside of violent video games wants them to fail, and that society is unable to understand their way of life. Violent video games are destroying the possibility of relationships between people. 90% of video games portray violence. “Our brain sometimes doesn’t distinguish between what is real and what we see on TV” (Barclay). This is a scary realization because it shows that what we watch and play on TV can have a very harmful effect on our lives. Our brain is sometimes unable to recognize what is real and what is not, which in turn will not be able to help determine when a violent situation is occurring and when one is not.
Violent video games do not promote prosocial behavior between humans. Violent video games have contributed to fatal actions. “Mika Brzezinski said, ‘It’s kind of hard not to make a connection [between games and the Navy Yard Shooting] when you hear [the shooter’s] friend saying that he would watch on a life size screen these violent video games for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours’” (Kain). Violent video games are being linked to many of the mass shootings around the United States, specifically the Washington Navy Yard shooting. Instead of helping each other some violent video game players are turning to guns and weapons, which is

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