The True Image Of Women Essay

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The True Image of Women:
Radical Feminism, Liberal Feminism, or No Feminism?
As long as a language triggers any interest, there are its scholars, just as how the ancient Greek is still studied today. As long as a belief contains reasonable elements, there are its believers, just as how people believe in Christianity without really seeing the God. As long as an ideal contains aesthetic, intelligible values, there are its followers, just as how there are various branches of literary theory, or diverse branches of feminism, none of these branches interfering with the plausibility of another. The branches of feminism, either radical or liberal, or in other words, either essential or constructional, provide us with enough interests to study, but offer no absolute truths— it is no more likely for us to see which one is the truth than seeing the God.
Virginia Woolf claims that women writers must “kill the aesthetic ideal through which they themselves have been 'killed ' into art,” but the problem is what image of women should be “killed” into art now instead? Is the process of “killing” ever possible? What is “killing” here? I do understand that by saying “killing,” Woolf tries to assert that women have to destroy the stereotype that men have created for them and forced upon them. This endeavor can only be half-accomplished, because each individual has his own choice of which “stereotype” he wants to believe, and there is always enough space for more ideals to be crammed into the

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