The True Meaning Of Beauty

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The True Meaning of Beauty
Imagine this. Walking down the street and seeing duplicates of the same facial features. The same hair, eyes, nose, color of skin, lips, shape of their face, shape of their bodies, all trying to look the same. All of these women trying to have the same look. All women trying to look like the “ideal western woman” Imagine every race trying to get rid of their features to make themselves look like the ideal Caucasian women. Spending an incredible amount of money going through crazy procedures that are extremely expensive. The media impacts woman to believe that the “western image” is the look. Implanting a certain idea in their head and once it is in our minds, there is no way of getting it out. Media makes us feel like we are never good enough with the way we look. Having that thought in their head, women go through body procedures as well as plastic surgery to change the way they look. Western Countries are influencing Asian woman across the globe to rely on plastic surgery and cosmetic products to change their appearance causing woman around the world to conform to the Caucasian ideal look.
Before globalization, woman would only conform to the ideal look in their cultural norms. Now, there is one image that all types of woman are becoming to want to conform too. A foreign women new goal is to have light hair, light colored eyes, small narrow nose, full lips, certain shaped face and light skin tone. In other words, they are trying to be a typical
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