The Truman Doctrine By George C. Marshall

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Additionally, with The Marshall Plan it is similar to The Truman Doctrine, except it is supposed to help Europe financially and economically, instead of Greece and Turkey. George C. Marshall was concerned that “economic instability in Europe would lead to the triumph of communism.” (Winkler, pg. 21). In episode, ten of Allegiance Natalie and her boyfriend Victor move to Canada to get away, but “Rezident is hell-bent on hunting them down. He’s uncovered several encrypted money transfers from Victor’s account to a bank in Newfoundland – he’s been planning his escape for years.” (NBC Recaps). This would not cause economic instability, but Rezident is using wire transfers to hunt down Natalie and Victor because they are trying to get away from SVR. Business in the United States was doing well and the businesses were “sympathetic to a program of assistance that might create added markets overseas.” (Winkler, pg. 21). This can help distribute influence needed to help prevent the spread of Communism and promote Capitalism. Businessmen in America also “needed more customers to avert the kind of downturn that had occurred after World War 1.” (Winkler, pg. 21). A difficulty that the Congressmen had with getting all of America on board and agreeing to this plan was the “…very mass of facts presented to the public and radio make it extremely difficult for the man in the street to reach a clear appraisement [appraisal] of the situation.” (Winkler, pg. 22). Something that Lenin did not

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