The Truman Show Essay

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The Truman Show is 1998 movie which revolves around the life of Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey,in a place called “Seahaven”. Everything in his life is perfect; he live in an ideal place, he got a stable job and he has a beautiful wife. For 3 decades, he thought that these are normal until he realized that something seems wrong. This movie is applicable in studying our society and how every parts of it plays a role in our life. In the movie, Truman is a cheerful man who works in an insurance business. He is married to his college schoolmate, Meryl and has a friend name Marlon who he knows since they are young. However, what he thought is real is just a show. Everyone he meets including Meryl and Marlon are just actors and Seahaven is just a man-made …show more content…

It is understandable since that is what he knew throughout his life, from the day he was born. He was never aware that there is a bigger world outside Seahaven until he knew about Fiji. He was also never given the chance to explore. However, different consequence made him suspicious and curious in finding the truth. It made it harder for Christof to manipulate him. As for Christof, he is aware of reality and its negative side. That is why he created a Utopia for Truman and made a business out of it. He knew that audiences will like the real emotions shown by Truman and he is right about it. Viewers supported the show as they can see the realness of the main character and it is something different to other shows. It will not last for 30 years if the people do not like it anyway. The casts of the show also know about the truth. It is just that they are hired as actors and they have to do their job of playing their roles even if it is becoming unprofessional. However, they are still human who have limits and feelings. Sylvia who was an extra fell in love with Truman and tried to tell him the truth. When she was removed from the show, she joined the campaign against

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