The Truth About The Boy

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He knew his wife was up to something the moment she tried to ignore anything to do with the mere mention of the word boyfriend. How she adamantly refuse to say Joshua Hunt’s name was yet another hint I should’ve paid closer attention. maybe it was how I was on the verge of asking her if she knew any other name then Trever Benson that had caused me to be distracted. She knew the moment that boy was introduced to me and his attention was more of some of the maids preforming their task then speaking to me. when one of the women dropped something they had to pick up and he broke out in a cold sweat, I should’ve thrown him out of the nearest window. It wouldn’t have mattered if I had, we were on the ground floor. Then and again, it might not have been a total loss if the shock of it all cause him to scream for several hours thinking he was falling. He didn’t seem too bright to know the difference. For some reason the boy believes my wife is the only approval he needs to have a relationship with my daughter. Then and again I should have asked my wife what kind of relationship he was hoping to have with my daughter. Well, the boy looked a bit soft to me and giggles constantly. Actually, I wouldn’t have been surprised to find out that the boy liked other boys and was hoping my daughter might help him find the perfect boyfriend. I didn’t know much about the Benson family, other than they were distant cousins to some man Elena was once in a relationship with. I knew

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