The Truth Behind Puritanism Belief System

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The Truth Behind Puritanism The Puritanism belief system is much more complex than it appears to be. Whenever Puritanism comes to mind, we probably think of purity and cleanliness. However, the Puritan’s have a very interesting way of achieving purity. The Puritans believe that God has predestined the salvation of certain souls and one can do nothing to change this. They also believe there is zero credit for good works and that people by nature are wholly sinful and can only achieve goodness by severe discipline, but living a godly life is the result of being chosen as one of God’s “elect.” The “elect” are said to be saved from hell by predestination, and at some point during their life, they will be blessed with an inner assurance of …show more content…

Repentance would allow God to forgive them and, in turn, motivate them towards living a lifestyle that would glorify God. The punishments that would often evoke repentance included tongue piercing with a hot awl and execution by hanging or burning at the stake. God’s Word was respected more than anything and if anyone blasphemed against the religion their tongue was to be pierced with a hot awl. Also, if you were caught lying, bearing false witness, or withholding the truth from a court/judge/jury you were eligible to have your tongue bored through. This type of punishment ensured you would remember the importance of respecting God’s Word; a punishment that would be a reminder to anyone else who saw your tongue that blasphemy would not be tolerated. The next form of punishment could be considered the most lenient punishment compared to other demeaning punishments. You could be hung or burned at the stake if you were found guilty of murder, adultery, or fornications. One historical example can be found in the year of 1637, during the Fall in Boston. A young lady named Mary Latham was found to have an implied affair with a man named James Britton. Latham was married to an elderly man at the time but spent a certain amount of time partying with younger men and after a night of partying she fell into a corrupt engagement with James Britton. Both were found

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