The Two Party System: The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Americans are generally friendly people if they don’t know your political alignment. Granted, events such as racism and class stigmatism still exist, but we are likely to be more tolerant of somebody if we don’t know their political alignment.However, when it comes to our politics, for whatever reason, Americans have this animosity toward each other. Take the hostile perspectives on climate change, the Black Lives Matter movement, or even the underlying views surrounding the upcoming presidential election. It seems as if we have an ever growing schism between all differing political viewpoints. How many times have you heard “Never talk politics at a dinner party, everyone will hate each other.” It seems absurd, yet it’s incredibly true. In …show more content…

Thus, removing the two party system is not a solution to this problem, however it is likely not an impacting factor to the polarization. Rather, the decisive factor here is what many call the “information age” we live in. With ever growing amounts of data bases, blogging sites, news sources, and social media, people have begun to pick and choose exactly what they wish to hear. Suddenly it’s possible to read an article or opinionated paper on a topic with no counter argument to balance it. As President Obama put it in an recent interview, our media is so splintered, ”they almost occupy two different realities in how they see the world.” Thus as people follow one news source, we come to find america a country that lives in two distinct party views, two distinct realities. Granted, while our media is not the only impacting factor, for instance, other factors like political gerrymandering and communal exposure also subliminally impact our political polarization, the media is perhaps the most upfront and overbearing of all these …show more content…

Ultimately, the solution to this great political schism lies in two parts. The first of these parts is the media’s duty to foster and propagate the spread of multiple perspectives, and to not only present the happenings of the world through a single lens. As was mentioned in a lecture given by Paul Baumann, the magazine Commonweal is a brilliant example of this principle, publishing a counter article to accompany every heavily opinionated article published. However, this cannot be done without the second aspect, which is the open-mindedness and willingness to learn that must be adopted by the general public of America. Rather dismissing an opposing viewpoint as completely irrational, take the time and effort to rationally think through the points made. I can guarantee that more often than not, there will be something everyone agrees to in the opposing

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