The Ultimate Weight Solution: The Seven Keys to Weightloss Freedom by Dr. Phil

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Dr. Phil is a very famous psychiatrist who has his own television show and has written several books throughout his career. He often helps and encourage people to overcome issues with themselves and other kinds of problems that they might have, including certain relationships. With this weight loss solution, he is trying to help overweight people improve the way they look at food. This method is not a regular weight loss process where they only keep track of their diet. Dr. Phil’s method concentrates on reasons behind overeating and uses a couple of steps to help people overcome them. He believes that people should stop counting calories and instead start changing the way them look at themselves. He wants them to take control over their life and find out why they are eating wrong. Dr Phil wrote his book “The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 keys to weight loss freedom” in 2003 with the focus on adjusting behavior, exercise and healthy eating. He claims that with his method, you will get an 80% guarantee success rate. What is accurate about this diet is that it highlights the importance of making behavior changes in order to succeed your weight loss goal. Behavior changes is significant for any fad diet people choose to tackle. Weight loss is “not quick and easy” he states, but it is easy to maintain your goal with this diet. This technique involves seven different key steps that you have to go through to be able to succeed with this diet. The steps will not only help you to

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