The Umayyad Dynasty And Abbasid Dynasty

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A famous historian and sociologist in the 14th century named Ibn Khaldun who developed one of the most outstanding model to describe nomadic societies and their lifestyles. Ibn
Khaldun analyze the different forms of governments, explaining their strengths and weaknesses by presenting the 4 steps of his model to reveal the cyclical rises and declines of dynasties. I 'm using Ibn Khaldun 's model to explain the history of the Umayyad dynasty and Abbasid dynasty.
Throughout the 7-13th centuries, Islamic history, empires have risen and fallen and been replaced by one after another. It started during the period of the prophet Muhammad and the four rightly guided caliphs and continues with the Umayyad dynasty which is the first dynasty of caliphs of the prophet Muhammad who are not descended of the prophet.
The Umayyad dynasty began in the year (661 CE) after the period of the rightly guided caliphs and it is acknowledge to be an influential period in Islamic history. The founder of
Umayyad dynasty is Mu 'awiya who had been the governor of Syria during the period of 3rd and
th caliphs and became the caliphate after the assassination of the last rightly guided Caliph Ali.
Then the Umayyad dynasty unified all the regions that the prophet Muhammad and the four rightly guided caliphs conquered during their time. Furthermore the dynasty expanded to North
Africa, Spain, etc...
Ibn Khaldun states that nomads were known as great warriors, possessing great tribal

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