The Un Convention On The Rights Of The Child Essay

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The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, illuminates the essential rights that all children have. According to the Convention, each child has the privilege of education, it is the state 's obligation to guarantee that essential education is free and necessary, to allow distinctive types of secondary training, including general and professional training and to make them open to each child and to make advanced education accessible (United Nations, 1990). But as indicated by UNICEF, an expected 93 million kids on the planet don 't get the chance to go to school, the majority whom are girls. A large part of these children are poor and their families can 't stand to send them to school. They should work to help their families survive. Others, for the most part, young girls don 't go to school since they need to help at home. However, without an education, children and families are forced to lead an existence in poverty (UNICEF, 2015).

Due to the (1) significance of education for each child on the planet, the (2) existing barriers to education around the world and the fact that (3) education is a lifelong learning process for everyone, this essay argues that it is essential to make sure that everyone in the world gets an education.

The question of education is significant for each child on earth. But e.g. for people from industrial nations, education is one of the most normal issues on the planet, we underestimate the chance of learning. In any case, education is

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