The Unbelieveable Advancements in Technology Essay

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Technology now a days is an important aspect of our daily lives. Technology is constantly improving its applications and the way we communicate with the rest of the world. It is almost impossible to believe what the technology has achieved. The best example for this is the fact that the man with the name of Neil Armstrong became the first human to step into the surface of the moon on July, 1969. An estimated of 500 million people worldwide watched this event, the largest television audience for a live broadcast at that time. It is incredible just to think what advances on technology can achieve. If all that happen in 1969, imagine the big change that technology has suffered until now 2014. Until today I personally am amazed. But…show more content…
In almost all ways because while in school the teacher gave us the homework of investigating the biography of Abraham Lincoln, the first resource we are searching is internet and internet is a way of communication because the information that we can find in the web is information that is being transmitted to us from different sources.
Finally, the professional aspect is as important as social and education. In the professional world there is more than just working or traveling. For example, if you got a job that requires you being sat in front of a desk and you need a computer for that, that’s Info Tech as well. In the professional area the communication is extremely important in order to be aware what is happening with the company. It also help people find a job because now a days it is necessary to know how computers work, when you are applying for a job almost all companies require applicants to apply via internet. It is also helpful for people who have a degree in something, using internet you can find a job related with your career.
Technology has a great impact in our lives now a days and one of those big impacts is the communication, communication is fundamental in contacting loved ones , friends, and some other relations we could have. Communication it’s also important to understand better the education we are receiving and is an easier way to find information quickly. Better

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