The Uncommon Reader Analysis

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The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett is an eye opener to many in the modern age as millennials like myself who have dispersed of reading and have moved on to the modern age of technology. The Uncommon Reader demonstrates how reading can attract many non-readers and break certain stereotypes toward reading. As someone who was an avid reader and has gradually left the books for videos and social media. I hope to rediscover a connection with reading unlike the dying age of readers in this era. Reading growing up has always fascinated me because with every book you never know what to expect, further leading you to continue reading. Having this said, as time went on I grew fonder of reading and started to explore many genres(fiction, nonfiction, fantasy). Books became a world where I could escape and embody these characters who were facing many obstacles or adventures. By reading The Uncommon Reader I surprisingly found myself reflecting the Queen, she ultimately found herself disregarding the power of reading and soon turned out to become fond of it. Even though the Queen led a life of royal responsibilities, through reading she gathered a new perspective of the world. Having this said myself at a young age being only able to gather very minimal experience from the world, reading allowed me to discover certain backgrounds that were being conveyed from different points of view. Reading is more than just words on paper it is the idea that one can challenge the normalities of

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