The Underground Railroad Analysis

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The novel, The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead vividly describes the challenges of a fictitious slave named Cora in the early 1800s as she escapes from her plantation in Georgia and the violent lifestyle she must endure as she travels north to avoid being captured by the slave catchers or patrols looking for her. Capture by any patrol or slave catcher would result in deadly torture upon her return to her old plantation, so Cora is faced with only a single choice: to avoid these predators at all costs. Throughout this action-filled novel, Whitehead uses descriptive and appealing details and environments to draw out emotion and enthrall his readers. Whitehead’s vivid description of the setting of the book helps to further develop the action-packed plot and lively characters and greatly assists in creating suspense throughout the novel. The setting of the novel, which takes place prior to the American Civil War, when the issue of slavery is tearing the United States apart, helps to create the fast-paced plot of the conflicts and challenges facing an escaped slave. The setting of the book begins on a large cotton plantation in the midst of the soon to be Confederacy, where there is a distinct Southern mentality in favor of the continuation of slavery. This southern setting establishes the pro-slavery viewpoint of the Southern states and supports the idea that a wealthy planter will do anything in his power to maintain his slaves and minimize the chance of rebellion,

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