The Unequal Distribution Of Wealth In The United States

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Out planet’s resources are not abundant everywhere, but they are rather unevenly scattered across the globe. Because of the natural unequal distribution of wealth such as food, raw materials, water, and others, some countries are in a much worse plight, if not in famine, than others. Although it is possible for a country with harsh environmental conditions to gain more wealth and overall nation’s satisfaction, in my view, the countries having more resources than is needed must help others in any possible way. This support must be provided due to climatic and cultural reasons. Speaking about climate, we don’t choose a place where to be born, nor is it a child’s fault if it has been born in poverty. A government does not have a moral right to assign richness to its property only because it is occupying the landscape. Therefore, whenever a neighboring community is in a dire need, abundant countries with mild climate must provide any possible aid.…show more content…
However desperate a country’s economic prospects are, it can be embedded with beauties including music, tools, language, and similar. By leaving a neighbor on its own, we face a risk of losing a unique aspect of human beings. As a conclusion, I want to emphasize the fact that the globe’s wealth is not something we obtain through strenuous work. There is nothing but luck involved in the distribution of resources. Therefore, nations encompassing vast rich lands are virtuously obliged to help poorer
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