The Unethical Analysis Of Mark Twain's Damned Human Race

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In Mark Twain's, Damned Human Race, Twain approaches the comparison between the higher animals and humans to argue his theme of humanity. The first being how Twain furthers his point of higher species, not share other capacities with man such as greed, shame, and other seemingly human concepts. Secondly, Twain's belief that through his research, humans are more cruel than those animals he deems higher. Twain discusses his ideas about mankind’s useless moral sense by discerning that humankind is the only species to possess a moral sense but they use it to perform evil rather than good. Twain is “humiliated to conclude that man is the least evolved of all species (Twain 629)”.
Twain criticizes the morals and characteristics of mankind by arguing against Darwin's theory of human ascent from lower animals, "These experiments convinced me that there is this difference between man and the higher animals He is avaricious and miserly, they are not (Twain 630)”.Twain also lays out ideas and discussion points from his conducted observations and experiments, He explores the fact that humans often view themselves as most mature and righteous, yet in truth, barbaric and cruel of all the animals. Man is the only one that is cruel, “dig eyes out, rip flesh and skin off, torture, and kill for fun and to waste, while animals are smart and use only what they need and take nothing for granted (Twain 630)”. Twain disagrees with Darwin in the fact that man is a descendant of all animals. Twain

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