The Unfair Practices of The World Trade Organization Against Developing Countries

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In the book “The Global Food Economy: The Battle For the Future Of Farming” ,Tony Weis quotes Bello who says “consensus WTO style, means the big trading countries impose their consensus on the less powerful countries.”(Wise) The subsidies from the EU and US distorted the competitive market and unfairly hindered the growth of developing nations. (Wise) Wise goes on to further quote the WTO President of 2002, Michael Moore, who states that a reduction in agro. subsidies in developed countries “would return more than five times all the development assistance.” Even WTO officials had begun to speak out about subsidies and their unfair affect on developing countries.

The movie Black Gold depicts how the push to liberalize trade at the global scale through institutions like the WTO, has had an impact on coffee farmers by telling the story of Tadesse Meskela. Tadesse Meskela is the manager of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union, and represents over 101 individual co-operatives and the 74,000 coffee farmers that make up these co-operatives in Southern Ethiopia. Tadesse states that they are producing the best coffees in the world, yet they are getting very low prices. He goes on to state the price affects all those involved in the coffee…
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