The Unfair Treatment of Muslim Women

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Imagine being treated like you have little to no value at all because you dress differently or have different rights. A lot of Muslim women experience this on a daily basis. People in public stare or criticize them simply because they are different. Years ago, Muslim women had almost no rights. Although they have gained certain rights and responsibilities, many people still treat them with little respect. Muslim women’s rights have changed in many ways, including the way they are allowed dress, who and when they can marry, and their independence in general.
A few years back, Muslim women had very few rights. They could not inherit money or property from anyone, and widows were considered the responsibility of the dead husband’s family. Not only that, but the women could only file for divorce on limited grounds, like impotence or if their husband was totally insane. The women were not allowed to decide if they wanted to marry the man chosen for them. When a female was born, the family treated the birth almost as more of a tragedy than a celebration. Most families would just kill a girl baby because protecting her would mean more problems for them. Muslim women did not get to go out alone much or even get an education. Women were treated as though they were a totally different species; they were unimportant and had no independence whatsoever.
If you have ever seen a Muslim woman, you will know that they are almost always covered from head to toe in cloth. The reason for this

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