The Unforgettable Ocean for a Person from Ohio

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A place like no other, scenery so plain yet so beautiful. The miles of water that runs far into the horizon, disappearing into the arms of the sky. The relaxation that takes over a body just by taking one look into the blue depths. A view that not everyone can see. When a person lives in a place like Ohio, the he ocean is only a hallucination or a picture in the person mind. It is not possible to feel the soft warm sand under the feet or the way the water hugs the legs with every wave that passes by. The only thing Ohioans have to look forward to is a manmade lake, filled with the pollutions of the world. The miles of trash, filth, decaying fish, bones and seaweed align the sand. Every step a person may take is filled with discomfort and disgust. Nothing to look forward to but a greenish tint of filth at the Ohio beaches. It has no comparison to the beautiful clear endless depths of sea in Texas. The unpleasant depths of green opens the door for the acceptance of the overwhelmingly beautiful sea that caresses the body and lets the feet seep deep into the warmth and make a person forget all the problems in society and brings the person back to a time of carefree ignorance. The lake is filled with vile unpleasantness. The grave amount of greenish brown water was similar to an exploded sewage tank. The piles of trash and human waste deposited into the depths, left to bake in the beaming sun. The smell of burnt sewage cooking in the hot sun and fish market filled the nasal

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