The United Nations : The World 's Largest Intergovernmental Organization

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The United Nations, as the world’s largest intergovernmental organization enables the cooperation of member states on a wide variety of issues. This makes it a major player in the economic, political and security status of the world. Its presence in an Encyclopedia is thus indisputable. If I wrote an article on the United Nations, I would break it down to its membership, structure, role, funding, history, challenges and achievements. I would place photographs of leaders of member states in meetings, its headquarters and pictures of projects being undertaken by the body. Potentially controversial parts may be those dealing with membership, voting and funding. Membership would stir controversy since some areas that claim autonomy like Taiwan and Palestine face opposition from China and Israel respectively. Voting may be controversial because the Security Council appears to hold sway even on matters that are within the jurisdiction of the General Assembly. Funding may stir controversy since the UN would appear as held under the whims of its huge funders. I would visit the UN website plus read through media articles relating to the UN. I would also check their books of account to verify their funding.
The article is of medium length. It is almost equal in size with that of The World Bank and the Catholic Church. The UN wiki page has several topics and sub topics. The topics include History, Structure, Membership, Objectives, Funding, Evaluation, Awards and Criticisms, See

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