The American Red Cross Club

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1. Tell us about a Community Service project which was personally significant to you. Describe your involvement. As a member of the American Red Cross Club, I have great opportunities to actively engage in many community services that give me chances to make profound contributions to the society and effectively develop leadership skills along the way. Throughout my time serving in the American Red Cross Club, I have participated in a number of different projects, range from supporting the military members and their families, assisting the animal shelters, to hosting monthly blood drives. Yet, the “Spooky Skedaddle Halloween Carnival”, an event that raises funds for the Texas School for the Deaf Foundation during Halloween time, left the most significant and remarkable impact on me. During the service, I learned how to effectively run a fundraising event. I learned to use sign language to communicate in the deaf culture. The service helps me grow and build long lasting relationships with people, whom I was greatly inspired by. It was my pleasure to be able to work and have close interaction with many talented and passionate deaf people, who never cease to do amazing things regardless of their disabilities. “The only disability in life is a bad attitude,” I learned.

2. Tell us a time when you held leadership role in a significant group project or task, in professional setting or extra-curricular activities. Describe how you led the efforts. In summer 2015, I was the

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