The United State Of New York Essay

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Since the start of the United State the way in which a particular crime is seen has

always shifted from lighter to harsher punishment, and this was no different during the late

1800’s, and early 1900’s. The length of the sentence for a crime mainly depended on

societal changes that occur at the time, but immigration, education, and economic status

also played a smaller role in the sentence of the suspect. During the late 1800’s and the

start of the 1900’s the way in which the criminal justice system in America punished those

charged with larceny changed tremendously due to societal changes, and the prevalence of

the crime in the state of New York (Gilfoyle, 870). The lack of education, lack of economic

stability, and the discrimination by those who’s family had been in the United States for

generations toward new immigrants, led to many in society shifting toward criminal

behavior in order to survive, especially larceny do to its fast rewards. By analyzing

immigration, education, and working class of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in the United

States, but more specifically in New York through the use of primary and secondary

sources, it will be establish how these themes led to a harsher criminal justice system when

it came to larceny, as well as the societal changes that occurred.

The twentieth century saw a surge of immigrants coming to the United States do to

the job opportunity that were present, as well as the

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