The United States And Japan 's Involvement

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“We were about to form lines facing the front, we saw a B-29 approaching and about fly over us...That was the moment when the blast came. And then the tremendous noise came and we were left in the dark...” This is how 14 year old Akihiro Takahashi begins his account of the bombing on Hiroshima. Standing just 1.4km away from the epicenter, Akihiro couldn’t do anything but watch as the United States dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on his hometown. Three days later, while terror was still raging in Hiroshima, the US dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. While it may seem inhumane for the US to have used such powerful weapons on Japan, the US had many reasons to use such drastic measures. The United States and Japan 's involvement in WW2 led to the eventual use of atomic weapons causing a series of devastating effects that changed Japan and the world forever. In the early 1940s, Hitler and the Nazis were trying to take over the world as they waged war across Europe. While Hitler had the world’s attention, a series of events was unfolding to set the scene for some of the biggest events in History. Japan had declared war on China in an attempt to increase its territory and it’s trade market. Although the US had stayed neutral for about 2 years, in a response to Japan’s aggressions, the US implemented a series of economic sanctions and trade embargoes to counter Japan’s advances. The reasoning behind this was that without money, goods, and other essential supplies,

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