The United States As A Multiracial Society

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Our ancestors dreamed of a better future and they migrated to fulfill those dreams. Back then it was a common practice because so much land was uncolonized or it was not claimed by a certain kingdom. Today, people have those same dreams, but their only way to fulfill those dreams is known as The United States of America. The United States is rapidly becoming a multiracial society, because of dramatic cultural changes such as jobs, immigration, and discrimination are affected.
The United States provides people with jobs and opportunities that they could not even dream of accomplishing in their home country. As an immediate effect of this, many Americans are denied jobs or are underqualified, due to the fact that employers do not want to discriminate against different races. According to an International Business Times article 51 percent of Americans believe they are competing for jobs with immigrants ( However, the Brookings Institution’s wrote that on average, immigrant workers increase the opportunities and incomes of Americans ( This is because immigration helps the economy by adding young workers to the workforce. Many Americans fail to realize that the majority of immigrant workers are willing to take any kind of job that provides income for their families. They usually are not looking for high paying jobs that require much education. On the other hand, there is an increasing percentage of Asian immigrants who seek an American education

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