The United States

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led by the Sons of Liberty: opened 342 chests of tea and dumped them into the Boston Harbor (dressed up as Native Americans) $900,000 worth of tea at that time In response, Britain passed the Coercive (Intolerable Acts) Massachusetts must pay for the tea, port of Boston was closed until the damages were repaid, MA charter was voided, and town hall meetings were outlawed - British coming down hard on Boston colonists, not being leniant The Continental Congress Responds the continental congress was formed in response to the Coercive Acts 12 colonies (not Georgia) sent representatives to have grievances redressed and a boycott grievances redressed - a list of my problems, fix it most did NOT WANT INDEPENDENCE; rather the days of Salutary Neglect (even during this time) ***AGAIN*** The Rising of the Countryside The Continental Association - a group that encouraged a third boycott against British goods Southern Planters Fear Dependency - many Virginia farmers were in debt to British merchants - they were afraid that the British might come down hard on them like in Boston, MA Loyalists and Neutrals Some Patriots - called for boycotts and some called for independence Sam Adams (a Patriot Leader) - was accused of serving his own interests as a priority instead of the colonists first Loyalists - those who were loyal to Britain) numbered around 20% - not a lot __________________________________________________________ Violence East and West Armed Resistance in

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