The United States Has Been A Target For Many Immigrants

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The United States has been a target for many immigrants across the globe and is seen as a beacon of hope and opportunity. Ever since the first non-Americans arrived to the United States, for that reason, these immigrants were placed into specific categories in order to be differentiated from different groups of people. The name for the group that an immigrant would be placed, depended usually where the person came from, in some cases their religion or their nativity. The force placement into these types of groups, might come into conflict with the immigrant’s identity, specifically their ethnic identity. John Hartigan, in Race in The 21st Century, defines ethnic identity as a group in which one places him/ herself based on similarities …show more content…

This is the case with the indigenous people of Mexico. In most cases indigenous people in Mexico are denied their political rights, but the Mexican president wants to give the false image that there are all Mexicans (Fox pg 3). It is clear that the relationship between Mexicans and the indigenous people is jarred. There is a possibility that this relationship transcends across the border into the US. If the behavior does continue into the US, then it is quit possible that indigenous Mexican immigrants would distance themselves from other Mexicans identity wise. There has been much research about Mexican immigrants in general and the change of identity that these immigrants have once they complete the move into the United States. Most of the research that target this topic have been case studies of Mexican immigrants, and according to some documents Mexican immigrants aren’t as disposed to just accept the label Mexican or Mexican immigrant, but instead look for a label that best fits them and a group of people that they can connect with as well. This research is important because it provides evidence that not immigrants are accepting to be called Mexican immigrants or Mexican in general because it does not correctly identify them the correct way in which they’d like to be. Another aspect of research that has been done that is also important to this topic is relationship between fellow immigrants from Mexico in the 1950s and 60s because during this time period,

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