The United States ' Healthcare System

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Unit 9 Assignment The United States’ healthcare system is not easy to define. It is a complex, decentralized, market-based system with multiple stakeholders. In this paper we will try our best to discuss the organization, financing, and delivery of the American healthcare system, as well as identify respective flaws. We will conclude this paper with a discussion on potential solutions to the flaws we have identified.
The American healthcare system is a complex, market-based system that operates in a non-integrated manner. As with any market-based healthcare system, products and services are offered to consumers for a set price, in accordance with state and/or federal laws (Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail, & Shabot, 2013). Major
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• Payers—As we have already stated, the American healthcare system is market-based. Therefore, the American healthcare system involves multiple payers from the public and private sectors, as well as the consumer themselves. Public sector payments are either covered by the public payers such as the federal, state, and local governments, such as Medicare and Medicaid, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Department of Defense (DOD). Private payers are for-profit entities such as private insurers and businesses. Last, consumers not covered by public and private insurance pay for products and services out of pocket (Sadeghi, et al., 2013).
• Advocacy Organizations—Advocacy organizations in the health sector primarily consist of professional groups and organizations such as the American Public Health Association and American Medical Association, with a shared interests in influencing both public opinion and/or public policy (Sadeghi, et al., 2013).
• Providers—As the name implies, providers are individuals and organizations that provide a service to the consumer. These services include hospital care, surgery, medical imaging, laboratory tests, etc.
• Suppliers—Suppliers consist of for-profit entities such as pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment companies (Sadeghi, et al., 2013).
• Consumers—Consumers consist of individuals who utilize products and services
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