The United States Is Home To About 42 Million Immigrants.

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The United States is home to about 42 million immigrants. This number is an estimate of the reported immigrants not including the non-reported immigrants. The United States of America is the land of the free, home of the brave and home to immigrants since the beginning of time. Immigrants come to this country for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are for religious freedom, to be close to their families, for a better future, employment opportunities, education and in hopes of accomplishing the American Dream. Over the course of years, during each presidential election one of the main issues on every candidates table is immigration and what policies can the government pass to regulate it. One of the …show more content…

Systemic Power can be defined when a system for example the government has full control over something. This relates to the topic of immigration polices because they are in the hands of these systemic powers. In order for a bill to become a law it first must go through an intense process. It has to go though the President, Vice President, Senate and House of Representatives. This is the system that has control of the immigration policies and the lives and future of these immigrants. Whether or not they will be deported falls in their hands and the policies they approve or don’t approve of. This is important because of this current presidential and political climate. The Trump administration plans to remove/deport all illegal immigrants in this country. They also want to build a wall in the southern border to prevent Mexicans from crossing over to the United States. Since not only the executive branch is run by a Republican, the legislative and judicial branch consists of majority Republican representatives supporting Trumps beliefs. The future of Immigration laws and policies are going to be extremely affected by these systemic powers. Trump is also planning to revoke programs such as DACA and the DREAM Act thus deporting immigrants and separating more families. As an individual I can recognize and challenge power imbalances in many ways. I think recognizing that there is a problem is the first step

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