The United States Legal, Inc. ( 1997-2016 ) History Essay

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According to US Legal, Inc. (1997-2016) History. The word, parole, originated from the French word “parole”, which means “word of honor”. It was a reference to prisoners of war promising not to take up arms in current conflict if released. How that concept came after the early release of convicted, often violent, offenders is less clear. The first official documented official use of early release from prison in the United States is credited to Samuel G. Howe in Boston (1847), but before that, other programs using pardons achieved basically the same outcome. In 1938, parole was a conditional pardon in many states. Alexander Maconochie of England ran the Norfolk Island prison. He made a system whereby inmates would be punished for the past and trained how to handle themselves in the future. He believed that inmates could be rehabilitated. He came up with an open-ended sentencing structure where inmates had to earn their release by passing through three stages, each stage increased their liberty and responsibilities. Inmates had an open time frame in which to earn the next level. Compliance advanced them; infractions resulted in a return to the previous stage, which lengthened their sentence. Indeterminate sentencing is a little more open ended and allowed the administration to ensure that when released, an offender’s behavior had been successfully reformed. However, Maconochie was removed from his position under criticism that his program “coddled” criminals. Many other from

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